Where to buy Bitcoin in Ghana


Are you in Ghana? And Looking for where to buy bitcoin in ghana to pay for goods online or to invest maybe you just want to gamble and try your luck?

Okay since you are looking to buy bitcoin that means you already know what bitcoin is. But if you want to know more about Bitcoin Click Here and click to learn about other cryptocurrencies.

Now where can you buy bitcoin in Ghana.

If you know enough about bitcoin then you must know that it is not reversible and if you send it to the wrong address you will lose you btc/money so be careful when buying bitcoin.

Okay so before you go ahead and buy bitcoin you need a wallet, a secure and genuine one for that matter, it is your money we talking about here i can’t stress too much on security.

The wallet i will recommend is Coinbase and Blockchain. I have been with coinbase for years now and all the experience i had there were smooth and they are best wallet for keeping bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, Blockchian is limited to BTC,ETH,Stellar.

In coinbase

You can Buy and Sell your bitcoin you can also exchange it for other cryptocurrencies and you can also trade on the platform.

In the Blockchain wallet you can Receive, send and Save to earn interest ( there is a minimum balance requirement to open a interest account)

To buy bitcoin on Coinbase you need as little GHS 25 or $25 dollars you can pay with your Debit Card ( Apply for an instant Prepaid Visa Card Here) or Bank account

Why to Buy bitcoin form Coinbase ?

Coinbase is based in the USA

They are Legit Company that has been around like bitcoin itself

You will receive free $10 bonus if you register with my promotional link and buy $100 worth of bitcoin.

The coinbase app is very simple to use also available on iOS/Android

And you can use your bank to buy directly or use a prepaid Visa Card . Click to see How you can get a free Prepaid Visa From ADB Ghana.

The Second Place that i will recommend is paxful.

at paxful you still need your coinbase or blockchain wallet to receive the bitcoin you will buy over there at paxful (thats why i mostly use coinbase simple steps to buy) but the one good thing about  paxful  is that you can buy in your local currency and use payment methods available in your country Like MoMo if you don’t want to use your debit card or bank account but you get no bonus for buying.

At paxful you can choose from different vendors with different  payment that are available in your country, and different offer prices. Buyers from Ghana can pay with all MoMo services

CoinBase gives you the Chance to Learn about new cryptocurrencies and Earn Crypto while learning.

Multiple ways to Earn Bitcoin Online Here.

Claim Free Bitcoin here

Claim Free Litecoin

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