What Opportunities That Cryptocurrency Creates


Cryptocurrency is a decentralized financial system or money. We have lived under printing money system by central banks. Central banks and authorities make us tired of old-fashioned economic capitalism where big companies control economy. They control production, distribution and finance. People are as the object of exploitation as the customers and workers.

Cryptocurrency with decentralized public ledger technology opens up new opportunities and break the barrier that banks and big corporations have built for long time. The wall is now broken by decentralized, private and transparent financial system. Like or dislike cryptocurrency ecosystem has created new opportunities to the community. What opportunities that cryptocurrency ecosystem offer?

1. New earning opportunities

There are some earning opportunities by coming up some apps based on blockchain technology. There are some lists that open to everyone. Cryptocurrency miners, masternode providers, cryptoblogging, defi , and some cryptocurrency jobs. One with a personal computer can earn cryptocurrency by running a masternode or mining coins. To mine or run masternode you need no bank cards or account. It is free and open for every one. You just need to learn a little technique to mine or run masternode.

Blogging platform that will reward users with cryptocurrency is one of the opportunities that exist recently. Ones can earn thousands dollar per month. You can try blogging with with some tribes or you can also join publish0x as an author and earn tips from the pool tip.

New apps that support freedom of speech and immutable to be taken down is You can sign up at The app is still beta , in the future, it will be one of the decentralized social blogging platform. Sign up

2. New projects based on blockchain tech

New dapps or decentralised application based on blockchain support financial system run on blockchain. Some banking services like lending, borrowing and saving are run on dapps. Defi is one of the latest apps that boom and earn a lot of attention from investors. There are also some other projects based on blockchain like finance market. Finance market is open to everyone without needing bank cards or other banking id. Cryptocurrency exchanges give everyone to world digital asset ownership. Bitcoin is one the the most expensive digital asset can be owned by everyone. There are more coins or token that you can invest in.

3. Decentralised funding

Decentralised funding in blockchain is well known as ICO. Initial coin offering where a project developer offer coins to raise fund. It can be done without involving banks and government institutions. Though, authorities now create strict regulation, a project developer still can attract more investors via ICO. The current model is via defi. A crypto developer offer native coin in defi platform to investors to provide liquid asset like bitcoin and eth.

The investors will earn gradual reward in native token or the collateral asset itself. Developers can use the fund from ICO to pay the project and development. There are too many stories in crypto funding that developers have made successful project. BAT with brave browser is one of the most successful developer to in raising fund from ICO and make great project, brave browser.

4. Unbanked can access world financial market

To trade a stock, you need high amount of cash and some verified bank accounts. In cryptocurrency financial market, you can access the market without any banks account. Decentralised marketplace offer anonymous account with a cryptocurrency wallet to join. Centralised marketplace needs ID verification, but  decentralised marketplace needs no such ID.

5. More people accept cryptocurrency payment

When more people accept cryptocurrency payment, cryptocurrency will be like fiat. you can buy small products and pay with crypto money. However, the development is still not mature.

There are many common people that are not crypto users before feel complicated in using crypto wallet. In the future, some developers try to innovate social crypto wallet that enable the users send money form social account without accessing difficult pharaprase and long words of private key.

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