What is cryptocurrency ?


Cryptocurrency is a Digital currency powered by Blockchain and protected by the power of advanced ‘Cryptography’ which ensures that you don’t need a central authority to protect the value and authenticity of a payment system.

Unlike traditional payments like Dollar, Euro , pound or Ghana cedi which need banks to transfer payments, cryptocurrencies rely on “blockchain and internet” to power them.

Even though Cryptocurrencies do not need banks to run them , the payments on cryptocurrency are in fact more secure than traditional payment systems like banks (which suffer from glitches occasionally) owing to the power of blockchain.

The main super power of Cryptocurrency is its ability to work seamlessly across different borders just like the internet with almost no regulation possible by governments,

This means for the first time in the history of Human exsitence, Money can be transmitted for very long distances for a little cost without any hassles.

Bitcoin started 10 years back and has risen to over 200 billion in value , experts predict in next 10 years cryptocurrency will reach a value of over 2 trillion which arguably will be the ‘Crypto gold rush’ you don’t want to miss.

Elikem Codda

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