VPS As A Passive Income Source


How can I use a VPS as a passive source? These is a question i have been asking the worldwide internet and the truth be told is not an easy process mainly because of the methods out has already been over used or saturated and most don’t work or bring in any money at all.

What Is A VPS

a VPS simply putted is virtual private sever located somewhere mostly in a data center. a vps is basically a computer that is always on and connected to the internet 99% of the time.

A vps can be located in any country of your choice and mostly vps are based on linux operating systems although there are windows vps but those a mostly called RDPs but they perform the same functions just that Windows RDP or VPS is beginner friendly because of the windows os on it while on the other hand Linux VPS are for people who already know how to use Linux or wants to learn Linux and the best part is Linux VPS are cheaper compared to Windows VPS


How Can You Earn Passive Income With A VPS

Since a VPS is a computer that’s always ON at least 99% of the time and you don’t have to worry about the electric bills, hardware maintainers and can be located in any country of your choice. Now lets talk about how you can earn passive income with a virtual private server (VPS), earning passive income with a vps means you set it up and forget, not really forget but u check on it ones in awhile and you don’t need to go through the set up often because the vps is always on 99% of the time.

There are alot of ways you can earn from a vps, some are worth it and some are not, some will even get you banned from ever using that vps and that’s a lost of money right?

I have experimented with almost all the methods out there to earn passive income with a vps in Ghana, and if you can do in Ghana then you can do anywhere in the world! I will go ahead and list them below!


You can earn passive income with a vps by using it’s cpu to mine cryptocurrencies that only support cpu mining, like Monero but the problem with mining on a vps is most vps providers or vendors don’t allow mining with their services and doing that will get you banned. But there are other providers that allow you to do anything with the server you purchased, Now to mine with a VPS you will need a server with a very high CPU with some good RAM then you are set to go download your miner software and start mining. ( I will do a detail post on how to mine Monero in Ghana)

Running Nodes

Most people think its only crypto traders that makes the money in crypto, but crypto is vast and you can earn in alot of ways with less risk, I know for sure that trading can be very profitable but very risky too.

Running Nodes is one of my low risk crypto investments so far, and since Nodes are supposed to be up/on 247 for you to make the passive income, I chose to virtual private servers instead of a personal computer in my house because i dont trust the internet providers in ghana and everyone in ghana also knows the DUMSOR conditions where they cut the power at anytime without informing the public, so as youth looking to make passive income with computers it gets difficult sometimes with the poor connection and black outs. My

My only option and the best option anywhere is to use a VPS, because then you will not need to worry about poor internet connections or power outages.

For Example ; By running a Mysterium node you can earn up to $25 worth of ETH per month ($300 per year) and you don’t need any expensive VPS to run it, you can also run other nodes along side these one on the same VPS.

Auto Surf

auto surfs are web traffic applications that you install on your computer and it automatically runs/views websites to generate views for them, most of the websites in the auto-surf app displays ads so the more views they get it also equals to ads impressions and they get paid for that ( More Traffic = More Money)

Auto-surf providers don’t actually pay people that run these auto surf app, the people that run the apps make money from the traffic they send to their websites. But These Two Auto surf providers will pay you for just running their apps so the more point you gain the more money you earn ( I will write a detail post about earning passive income with auto-surfs)

And one Good thing is I do run alongside my nodes on the same VPS.

Bandwidth Sharing

These is also very simple and straight forward, you just install an app on your computer and share your unused internet when you are using it. I do these on my home computer too but since it doesn’t use any cpu power just sharing my internet connection I run it along side my nodes and auto surfs


To Keep These post short, I will Write a detail post on my Earnings Using a VPS

Thank You For Reading

Elikem Codda

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