The Blockcore project

What is Blockcore?
Blockcore is a platform that enables you to build your own blockchains.

Blockcore is the foundation for realizing blockchains and includes core functionality to create your own custom blockchain with a lot of tooling supporting your blockchain.

The tooling as part of the Blockcore platform includes; Block Explorer, Block Indexing, Block Analytics, Wallets, API Wallet Service, Developer Tooling, Documentation and more.

Blockcore is under continuous development to stay at the cutting edge of Bitcoin and blockchain technology.Engage with community on Discord.


Blockcore Platform is composed from:



The node software is a full node software that runs the blockchain network. It is compatible with Bitcoin and utilized by other blockchains at the primary full node.

To build your own blockchain based on Blockcore you have two options; perform a fork of theirs primary source code, this is preferred if you need to radically modify the blockchain functionality.

The other way is to utilize our blockchain template, which is generated and relies on published on NuGet. This enables you to quickly and easily launch your own blockchain, and you will easily be able to get latest updates without messing with source code.

To simplify using Blockcore tools, they made instructions and generators available here.

Source repo for template-based node: (Preferred)

Source repo for fork-based node:


Together with the Blockcore Indexer (below), we have made the Blockcore Explorer. If you have a normal Blockcore based blockchain, it is super easy to add support for your custom chain and deploy your blockchain explorer.



Being able to look up blocks, transactions and addresses is an important part of any blockchain. It is very easy to add your own custom blockchain to the explorer.



Blockcore Chains


As anyone is free to create their own blockchains of the Blockcore Platform, the Blockcore team is not responsible for their deployments, infrastructure, support and have no roles associated with the different implementations (blockchains).

If you are building and running a blockchain based on Blockcore, please let us know and we can get you listed below.

Want to create your own blockchain? Use our instructions and generators here.

Reference Nodes

The Blockcore team provides reference implementations for various blockchains. These are unsupported node software, use with caution. You can look at these to get inspiration and examples on building your own customized blockchain.

Chain Setup

Blockcore believe in making blockchain technology easier and more approachable for every developer, so part of this guides us in how we build our technologies. Blockcore attempt to make technology easily customizeable through setup and configuration, as oppose to code changes.

They have a seperate website where we publish chain setup information for the different chains. While this is officially hosted by Blockcore, it is the individual teams that are responsible for maintaining these setup definitions.

Hosted Services

While anyone are free to fork and modify our software, we also host our own services running some of the blockchains that are implemented on Blockcore. These are hosted with no SLA (Service Level Agreement), and currently for free. If you’d like Blockcoore to continue providing this service to the community, consider becoming a sponsor of Blockcore.

Blockcore Explorer

Multi Chain:

Blockcore Indexer
Blockcore Insight



Blockcore  Sponsors


Blockcore is a group of independent individuals without any official organization behind it. All work is done on voluntary basis.

If you enjoy our software and services, please feel free to help continue the development and improvement of the Blockcore Platform by becoming an sponsor.

Funds provided to the Blockcore team will be utilized for server infrastructure, hosting services and other expenses related to the continued development and hosting of the Blockcore Platform.

If you’d like to become an official sponsor, please contact them by e-mail at [email protected].

Individual sponsor support

You also have the option of providing support to the individuals working on Blockcore. Not everyone in the group have a sponsor service available, but those who do is listed below:

Elikem Codda

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