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Smart Trade Coin is standing in front of another big event. We’re about to face Hard Fork. In this newsletter, we will explain what it is about, what its consequences will be, and what benefits Smart Trade Coin users will receive from Hard Fork.


What is Hard Fork?

The basis of every cryptocurrency is blockchain technology. A blockchain is a chain of blocks, i.e. a decentralized dataset responsible for accounting the transaction. Many devices connected to each other, forming a common network, are responsible for its maintenance. Hard Fork is the partition of the blockchain. It is carried out to update the security system in order to minimize the risk of unwanted hacking attacks on the network and to increase the storage capacity of individual blocks.

Hard Fork separates blockchain formation nodes into “new” and “old” ones. This creates a new token. One of the most significant Hard Fork in history was carried out by Bitcoin. The result was a new cryptocurrency: Bitcoin Cash.


New token

Hard Fork, which will be carried out by Smart Trade Coin has the same assumptions. The purpose is to increase network security, increase block capacity, and create an additional token that will contain all the modern components for successful and secure functioning in the future.


The new TRADE PLUS token from Smart Trade Coin will be called HYBRID.


The appearance of a new HYBRID token will not affect the functioning of the existing TRADE token in any manner. Both tokens will work in parallel. The purpose of introducing a HYBRID token into the system is to strengthen the existing TRADE token in terms of its efficiency and security of transactions performed through it.


Hard Fork and HYBRID token issue will take place at the turn of November and December 2020. A specific date is not possible at this point in time, as the Hard Fork process depends on how the blocks are arranged in the blockchain. As soon as this process is approaching, we will inform you about the possible date of its finalization.


Free HYBRID tokens

An important element of Hard Fork will be the distribution of the new token. Every user who has TRADE tokens will receive the same quantity of HYBRID tokens for free. This will increase the investment opportunities and profits of users holding tokens issued by Smart Trade Coin.


Further development stages

Hard Fork is an important part of the development of Smart Trade Coin, TRADE, and HYBRID tokens. It is no coincidence that this operation is carried out at this moment. In the first quarter of 2021, there will be a listing on significant crypto exchanges. This listing will include both tokens. Both TRADE and HYBRID will be published on the exchanges. The publication of the two tokens gives a double chance to conquer the market and achieve success.


Each of our actions is dictated by the development of our services. We want them to meet all users’ expectations and to be used by all of you in order to benefit more and more from your investments and trading. Thank you for being with us and supporting our activities. Together we can achieve great success!


Yours sincerely,

Smart Trade Coin Team

Elikem Codda

What is Hard Fork?

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