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Publish0x Rewards Both Authors and Readers in Crypto


Publish0x, a crypto-agnostic blogging platform, has launched with the intention to change the publishing industry by rewarding not just authors but also readers with crypto.

No ICO: Publish0x is Crypto-Agnostic

Publish0x didn’t conduct an ICO or raise funds, and it doesn’t have its own token. It is crypto-agnostic, and aims to integrate multiple tokens which can be used to send tips. The business model is to offer different projects the chance to sponsor the site and give out larger tips to all users.


Although still in beta, there are over 1,000 users, tipping hundreds of times daily, and several coins have signed up to blog from the platform including Selfkey ($KEY), SpectreCoin ($XSPEC), Syscoin ($SYS), OneRoot ($RNT), Loopring ($LRC), Bounty0x ($BNTY), Banano ($BAN), Qubitica ($QBIT) and others.

Earn Crypto While Supporting the Project You Love


The biggest supporters form some of the best projects in the crypto space have already understood the powerful benefits Publish0x is offering.

HYDRO and BAT fans have written articles that raised awareness about their favorite projects, and they earned crypto while doing it!

Earn Crypto for Reading: How it Works


When you scroll to the bottom of any article on Publish0x, you will see a “tipper.” The reader chooses what percentage of the tip to keep to himself, and what percentage to give to the author. The minimum percentage of the tip that goes to the author is 20%.


Tips are completely free for both authors and readers.

Publish0x is different from blockchain-based blogging platforms like Minds ans Steemit, Publish0x is crypto-agnostic and does not have its own token. Rather, it pays out in any number of ERC-20 compliant tokens that can be traded on different exchanges.

Don’t be a laggard and try out the next level of publishing platforms; start reading and blogging by registering on Publish0x now, and get rewarded in crypto for your efforts.

Connect today with Publish0x on Telegram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

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