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The invention of the blockchain based digital currency is one of the greatest technological achievements in human history. But Unfortunately cryptocurrency adoption is very low ( less than 0.1%), the reason is simple, so far cryptocurrency could only be acquired through Buying/Trading, Mining or through ICO, both of which need high technical knowledge and investment which average noobs scare away from.
Ecoin’s super simple on-boarding with an incentive in the form airdrop creates motivation for average users to sign up and refer their friends
It is very clear, Airdrops are the only path for mass adoption of Cryptocurrency
I don’t Think Facebook will have acquired billions of users if they were asked to pay to sign up?
Every payment network like Paypal, Skrill, etc spent billions of dollars for attracting initial 100 million users, however the initial users didn’t get a share of their massive success.
That changes with Ecoin, everybody who participates in the initial success of Ecoin gets rewarded handsomely as the amount of Ecoin airdrop given keeps decreasing with more people joining and with increasing prices.

Airdrop to the rescue
Fixing the crypto currency adoption problem starts with making ‘acquiring and earning cryptocurrency’ easy enough for the average person to participate in crypto.
The problems with the current airdrops however is that they expect you to
* You Must Provide Real KYC documents like Passport, Driving license etc…
* Like and Share on multiple social media platforms
* You must wait a few days to receive your airdrop bounty
* There is a limited number of user participation to first 10,000 users or 50,000 users.

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