One Click Away From Financial Freedom


Never in our human history has creativity been so easily monetized. Looking no further than Van Gogh who lived in poverty for all of his life and it’s clear that the digital age is changing lives for the better… and for the worse in some cases. The era we’re in right now has the raw material to monetize creativity way easier.

Take Nigeria for example, as we have quite a few readers here that are located over there or have been born in the country and doing pretty good, thanks to the opportunities the internet is offering. What chances would have had a Nigerian young man, 25 years ago, to better himself and make a more than decent living, at that time, aside from migrating to Europe or something like that to go work”.

Now we are one click away from financial freedom and we carry our gateway to a better living in our own pockets. The internet has drastically changed wealth distribution around the world in the past decade or so and it hasn’t yet reached its full potential.

Nowadays geolocation doesn’t matter that much anymore, as long as one has a decent internet connection. You can literally change your life just by owning a smartphone and use it productively.

One can simply create a logo for some company, get paid for that, use the payment to buy crypto, use that crypto as a collateral for a loan to buy a better PC or invest in hardware/software that would improve your productivity and scale up your earnings even more.

Blogging platforms such as Hive, Publis0x and others are life changing… You can literally earn a living from using such blockchain based projects, if the market and your curators are “on your side”, and you put in time and effort.

On Hive for example you can monetize literally everything from poetry to blogging, vlogging, TA, photography, etc, etc… Financial freedom is one post away, you just have to be willing to try, do that consistently and put some efforts in your work.

The raw material to reach financial freedom and decouple from the legacy system is here and it’s still in its incipient phases. #playtoearn is a trend that it’s getting a lot of traction and contributing to the disruption taking place right now. We no longer have an excuse “to make it”…

One just needs to search for the means, no matter where in the world and has the ability to change his life for the better, “thanks to the internet and blockchain”. Hope you had a great Monday and wish you a great week ahead.

Elikem Codda

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