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This is by far the most fun, best and easiest way to waste some time online and earn some Free Gift Cards too!

At Swag Bucks  you get Free Gift Cards and these is how : you get 2 Bucks instantly when you confirm your email, you get 5 Bucks just to answer a simple survey less than 2mins, Get 25 Bucks for installing the Swag Bucks Button on your laptop/desktop version of your browser (no Mobile), you will also get up to 20 Bucks for setting swag bucks as your default search engine, 1 Buck for voting in the daily poll do these everyday, Up to 75 Swag bucks for watching Swag-TV.

To earn more on Swag Bucks you have the opportunity to do paid surveys, offers, Task , Play games, Discover new stuffs, and complete offers.

You get 2 Bucks for the No Obligation Special Offers; (Just Click Skip 4- 5x’s that is all)

You also you get 1 Buck for just looking at the surveys page. (Do not have to do any surveys to get that 2 Bucks). you will see how many bucks you will earn under each offer or survey.

Anytime doing surveys and offers please keep in mind that rewards and rules vary for very offer or survey, so please take some time to read the “terms and conditions” for any that you are interested in.

You Can Redeem your Swag Bucks for Free Gift Cards like Amazon, PayPal, iTunes, etc. Gift Cards. 100 bucks = 1 US dollar, you can get your first Free Gift Cards for as low as 300 bucks = 3 US dollar gift card.

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