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How I earned $10 of free EOS


I recently signed up to on the promise of receiving more than 100 dollars-worth of free EOS, Stellar Lumens and Compound cryptocurrency.

True to their word, I today received an email from Coinbase with an initial offer of 10 dollars-worth of EOS. I expect to receive more offers in my inbox soon.

Receiving the EOS was easy. All I had to do was watch five videos, and after each video I was asked to answer a simple question. For each correct answer I was rewarded with two dollars-worth of EOS.

The following screenshots show how simple the process is:How I earned $10 of free EOS

How I earned $10 of free EOS

How I earned $10 of free EOS

I have found Coinbase to be safe, trustworthy and easy to use.


Elikem Codda

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