Here’s how spot a fake cryptomining app


1. Carefully read the app’s reviews: Fake apps will receive numerous 5-star reviews once they are released publicly. Pay more attention to 1-star reviews.

2. Try to enter an invalid or wrong cryptocurrency wallet address:Trend Micro says that if a user encodes an invalid wallet address and the app accepts it and is able to perform follow-up operations, there is a high probability that the app is fraudulent.

3. Restart the app or phone while it is in the process of mining: If a device is restarted after mining starts and the mining application is killed in the background, the system will forcibly clear the counter, resetting it to zero.

4. Confirm if there is a withdrawal fee: The transfer of cryptocurrency requires a handling fee, which is relatively high compared to what is typically made from cloud mining. Hence, free withdrawals are very suspicious, the firm said.

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