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How To Get Free Bitcoin Everyday

Bitcoin is a Crypto (digital) currency It can be mined, earned, bought or traded, In these post i will talk about how to get or earn some Btc. I say free because you are not going to pay for it.

You can earn free Bitcoin by playing games online, doing online task and surveys. You can also earn Btc by writing or reading crypto related posts on some platforms but these particular post will talk about earning Bitcoin while learning about cryptocurrency.

Get Bitcoin everyday

Earn free btc in rewards by completing a learning mission every day or just inviting friends to OKEx 

How can I get free bitcoin?

It is simple Complete your daily crypto learning mission. Watch a video or read an article and earn some bitcoin. However, If you open multiple pages at the same time, you will get BTC according to the learning progress of the last page.

Can I get unlimited free bitcoins?
Yes just Log into OKEx every day to complete a daily learning mission. The more you learn, the more you earn. Or invite friends and when they get a bitcoin, you earn again too.

earn free btc everyday. Isn’t that cool? Complete 5 daily missions. We update your learning mission daily at 24:00(HKT).

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