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FC Porto has been added to the Binance Launchpad.


FAN tokens were fully incorporated in the Binance ecosystem in October. I was astonished to see the Lazio Fan Token Binance Launchpad so soon after the BETA Launchpad ended. The event had a high entry price of $1 per Lazio token, with just 4,000,000 $LAZIO distributed, accounting for only 21.5 percent of the total token supply.

FAN Tokens appear to be the trend one month later, with FC Porto being added as a new token on Binance Launchpad. I just realized I didn’t write on how good Lazio Launchpad was, so I’ll wait for Porto to finish before writing a two-in-one essay.

The FC Porto Fan Token Binance Launchpad is already in the planning stages, with only 4 days and a few hours till subscription opens. The amount of BNB has been recorded since November 10th, and the average holdings for the entire period can be utilized for subscription.

The sale price of one $PORTO token will be one USD, and the hard cap per user will be 10,000 PORTO tokens. The FAN token is a native BEP-20 utility token developed to improve the FC Porto fan experience by allowing them to influence club decisions through voting rights.

The Launchpad will release 4,000,000 $PORTO, or 19.5 percent of the entire token supply. The tokens will be purchased with BNB at a predetermined price prior to the beginning of the subscription, and will be distributed when the sale concludes.

The plan is straightforward: set your alarm for November 16th (6 AM to 9 AM UTC) and commit your BNB holdings to obtain $PORTO. The computation period begins at 9 a.m. UTC and concludes at 10 a.m. UTC. It will take a few hours for the Porto Fan Tokens and the remaining BNB to arrive in the spot wallet. Don’t be frightened!

FC Porto – Dragões

The club was formed on September 28, 1893, and is one of Portugal’s “Os Três Grandes” clubs. They have played in every season of Primera Liga from its foundation in 1934, and they are the country’s second most successful club, having won 79 championships.

The trophy cabinet contains 72 domestic trophies, including 29 Primera Liga titles, 17 Portugal Cup trophies, four League Cup trophies, and a record-breaking 22 Portugal Super Cup trophies. The “Dragons” won two championships without losing a single game in 2010-2011 and 2012-2013.

If you’re a football lover, you’re certainly familiar with FC Porto’s outstanding group that won the UEFA Champions League in 2003-2004. Jose Mourinho’s ballers annihilated Monaco in the final after an incredible season.

FC Porto is Portugal’s most decorated team, with seven continental trophies: two UEFA Champions League, two Europa League, two Intercontinental Cups, and one European Cup Winners’ Cup.

Do you want to be part of Porto’s glory or just want to earn some money? The choice is yours!

Just A Tip; You can quickly sell your porto back into BNB and make some profits, if you know the right time to coin jump and I always get some USDT ready to buy some on the spot trade as soon as it lunch’s on there, I later sell or hold depending on the coins narrative and user base and FC Porto seems like a very big football club.

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