Ethereum price may rise to $10,000


The beginning of 2021 proved to be beneficial not only for Bitcoin. Ethereum is now achieving its best results since January 2018. The cryptocurrency has reached $1000, and many experts predict that this is just the beginning of something bigger.

Ethereum’s best result was recorded 3 years ago when the value increased to over $1,300. In the first days of January 2021, the ratio of ETH to BTC was 0.026. According to many experts, this level is a breakthrough and indicates the growth trend for Ethereum.

As Cameron Winklevoss, co-founder of Gemini exchange, notes, ETH gained 450% in 2020, which makes it the most prospective asset in this period. The beneficial ETH exchange rate also affects other altcoins, which also gained in value during this period.

Many experts agree that the Ethereum price will continue to rise. However, price predictions are very different.  It is worth noting that some experts predict that the ETH price may rise to $10,000.

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