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Ecoin Is Unstoppable!


Why is Ecoin unstoppable ?

Ecoin is the only cryptocurrency that crossed 3 million users in just 3 months owing to the fact that it’s extremely easy for average users to sign-up and earn their first ecoin.

Ecoin also built in powerful incentive mechanisms that allow people to refer their friends and earn more Ecoin

When more and more realise the potential of cryptocurrency and power of Ecoin’s community, people will realise the potential of ecoin and no-time Ecoin will truly go viral on Social media.

Once Ecoin crosses 100 million users, it’s practically impossible to stop Ecoin’ growth

The distribution model of Ecoin is really really unique. Before Ecoin, came along,

one person with more resources ( hardware or money ) etc would end up accumulating a ton of crypto creating huge concentration. With ecoin however, that’s simply impossible, the only way to acquire new currency is to invite others which distributes the currency far and wide.

This unique distribution model also gives ecoin its greatest advantage – the lowest cost per user acquisition in the crypto industry. While coins like Stellar spend approximately $40 for acquiring one user, ecoin can do it at $0.5 or less, which implies ecoin distribution model is at least 80 times more powerful.

Reach is the most important metric of a crypto’s value, the larger the network the more valuable the network is. As more people join the network, the value of ecoin rises higher and as the value of ecoin goes higher more people join, this becomes a powerful cycle that can grow to billion-plus users in very little time.


What is the reason for creating Ecoin when there are many alternatives out there ?

Cryptocurrency is a world-changing concept that will give real freedom to people to conduct their financial lives in the manner they chose to, for this reason, cryptocurrency is often hailed as the greatest revolution in modern history. However the adoption of cryptocurrency is pretty slow, and the reason arguably is its distribution model.

The biggest reasons for lack of adoption are these

  1. expecting people to pay for something they don’t understand or trust is ‘impractical, hence ecoin aims to give its tokens free of cost for everyone with a valid email.
  2. We make using your first cryptocurrency extremely easy which is very important for mass adoption.

So far all cryptos expect users to either mine with expensive hardware ( like bitcoin) or buy ( like in ICOs) – all of which create huge barriers for adoption.

Ecoin aims to remove these barriers and make cryptocurrency available to everyone with an email which will truly unleash the true potential of cryptocurrency.

Can cryptocurrency stop the war forever ?

Ecoin’s strategy is a revolution in terms of cryptocurrency mass adoption and one thing is 100% certain.

Crypto Mass adoption Will be either be achieved by Ecoin or another crypto that adopts Ecoin’s strategy.

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