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Ecoin Airdrop


Ecoin believes in KISS ‘Keep It Simple Stupid’

With Ecoin’s airdrop however users can claim their airdrop by simply signing up with email which means

  • No KYC documents like passports etc to be shared with us
  • No social media profiles to be liked of shared
  • No waiting for getting your airdrop as its instant
  • No limit on user participation as we want to onboard billion users


Ecoin is able to achieve this by using our cutting edge

AI-driven identity engine which ensures one person can only use one email

to claim our airdrop and stop fraudsters who create multiple emails to claim this airdrop.


Different ways to Earn Ecoin

The many Ways to Earn Ecoin!

The goal of Ecoin is to reach as many people as possible so that the value of Ecoin grows higher and higher due to the network effect. To achieve this, we need to ensure that Ecoin is incredibly easy and trustworthy.

Earning Ecoin is easy and fun and you can earn more Ecoins in many ways.

You earn 1000 coins when you sign up with a verified email and you earn additional 1000 coins when you refer someone with a verified email. There is no limit of the number of people you can refer. So the more you refer the more you earn. There are few more ways to earn through surprise gifts, staking benefits etc.

Overall we aim to incentivize people to refer their friends and popular sites to achieve real mass adoption quickly.

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