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Ojooo, based in germany and created by Michael Thees somewhere in march 2013. The company also exploits mails, researches, hotels business and various other online services. The PTC is their latest project. PTC Ojooo wad has to its side a unique conception with great communication and various ads from business to technology.

You will find 10 and more ads in a day with a pay per click of 0.001$ – 0.01$ and you can watch videos, complete offerwalls, do surveys to earn more here.

Minimum to cashout : 2$ first time withdraw and 6$ for The second time withdraw they pay via Paypal, bitcoin, ethereum and payeer.

Ojooo wad is an amazing PTC site, you can earn more here than other PTC. You gain faster on Ojooo because their cost of advertisement is relatively cheap. Renting referrals are very profitable. The upgrade to Economy lite is only 2$ for a month and Economy is 20$ for a month, you get Privilege that is the super upgrade for 40$ a month getting you between 30 and 35 ads per day, and the rented referrals pays out more when you upgrade
In terms of PTC/GPT it is one of the best site to earn money online from home.

With a standard account ( no upgrades) and 100 RR, and 0.06 per rented referrals a day, you can earn about 512$ a month. so let Say you have 200 rented referrals, if each of them brings you 0.06, then that makes you 12$ per day, take out the investment of renting referrals you will be left with10.57 dollars a day, making you about 317 dollars a month. so lets sat if you rent 1000 referrals, you can earn about 4200$ a month.

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