Earn High Interest (12%) On Your Crypto Deposit


YouHodler is another Legit crypto Lending platform that is gaining a lot of moment in the cryptos sphere and popularity in the last couple of months.

YouHolder is mirroring lending and borrowing business model from traditional banks: you can earn interest rate (of up to 12% on certain coins) or borrow money by putting up crypto assets as collateral with a LTV of up to 90%. You can invest with them and reap 12% of profit per year, also you can Lend and borrow from the platform. Let check out what the platform is..

What is Multi HODL™

Multi HODL ™ is an innovative concept based on the Barbell Strategy that helps crypto HODLers multiply their portfolio by investing some amount into a managed risk activities to produce higher yields. This strategy consists of ensuring 80% of your capital is invested in safe, risk-free assets. Meanwhile, the other 20% of the remaining capital is used for limited risk, but potentially highly profitable investments

When a user chooses Multi HODL, the platform automatically takes a pre-determined percentage from a wallet of choice (e.g. crypto wallet or savings account) and uses those funds as collateral to initiate an automated ‘chain of loans” (based on YouHodler’s Turbocharge feature). In this chain of loans, the funds from the first loan are used to buy more crypto to use as collateral for the next loan in the chain. This process is repeated up to ten times depending on the user’s choice.

Users can choose from over twelve cryptos to “multiply” in the process as well as customize their risk level and set the desired ‘take profit’ point to close the position automatically. YouHodler states risk is limited with this feature and users cannot lose more than they set.


Why choose Multi HODL™?

MultiHODL gives users the best of both worlds. Crypto traders can keep a large portion of their assets in safe wallets and profitable savings accounts. Simultaneously, they can use a smaller portion to engage in riskier maneuvers to multiply their crypto via our chain of loans. If the value of their crypto goes up in the process, then the user covers the platform’s interest fee and can keep the additional profit. If the value of the crypto goes down, then the trader can take comfort in the fact that 80% of their assets (plus interest) are still secure in their savings account.

How to use Multi HODL™

Step 1: Select a source of funds: wallets or savings

All cryptocurrencies and stablecoins available. YouHodler guarantees to save the interest for the total amount of your savings.

Step 2: Set profit and risk levels

Pick a desired take profit amount and an acceptable level of risk. Also, choose the crypto you want to use as a multiplication tool if you use Multi HODL™ for your stablecoin savings.

YouHodler initiates an automated chain of loans similar to Turbocharge. In the case of crypto price growth, the value of your coin will multiply and the profit will go directly to your account. In the case of a decline in prices, you will get your initial deposit back minus the factual loss.

Step 3. Get your crypto anytime

Watch your progress and close positions when you want to get profit or get the rest of your crypto back. Your position will be closed automatically after 30 days or in case the price drops below your loss level.

Your risk is limited. You cannot lose more than you set while using Multi HODL™. You will never pay rollover fees, hourly or daily recurring fees. Simply pay the one-time origination fee and loan fee when opening the deal and then if you profit, there will be the one time 10% commission fee.

Step 4: Repeat

We suggest using around 20% of your savings for Multi HODL™ and 80% for low-risk instruments such as Savings or Crypto loans. Keep your portfolio diversified.

YouHodler and KYC

You need to go through a standard identity verification procedure popularly called “Know Your Customer “(KYC) in order to eligible for all YouHolder Benefits of up to 12% interest rate. This is the case with almost all centralized crypto loan provides like Blockfi, Celsius and others.



If you are looking for where to keep your crytpo and watch it grow without having to do anything, all you have to do is to reap your profit , Youholdler is best the shot for you. The company is Legit.

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