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Claim your NSBT tokens!


Binance and Huobi accounts can now claim Neutrino Tokens (NSBTs) as a part of Waves’ incentive program for WAVES holders.

A total of 10,000 NSBTs (5,000 ERC-20 NSBT tokens for Huobi users and 5,000 NSBT native Waves tokens for Binance users) will be allocated for the incentive program and available to be claimed by Binance and Huobi users.

Who can claim NSBT tokens?

All Binance and Huobi users who have a balance of at least 10 WAVES (tokens), except tokens in trade orders, and meet eligibility terms.

What is the distribution formula for each exchange?

The amount of NSBTs to be claimed by user A is calculated as follows:

NSBTs claimed by user A = (amount of WAVES held by user A at the snapshot time / total amount of WAVES held by the exchange at the snapshot time) * total NSBT airdrop amount (5,000 NSBT).

What are the conditions for claiming NSBT?

The WAVES balance on a user’s Binance or Huobi account should be at least 10 WAVES at the snapshot time. NSBT snapshot date: February 10, 2021 (Wednesday) at UTC 00:00:00 (the snapshot will be taken in the first block created after February 10, UTC 00:00:00).

*The exact distribution date may vary across exchanges.

Please, note that NSBT is not yet tradable on Binance and Huobi.

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