Badger Prepares to Launch DIGG

The Badger DAO team is anticipated to launch synthetic rebasing token DIGG within a few days to come, the team confirmed in a Twitter on Jan. 7.

may be a synthetic rebasing asset based off of Ampleforth (AMPL), but DIGG is pegged to Bitcoin (BTC), not the US Dollar.

Badger DAO’s TVL has soared since the beginning of 2020, adding $200 million since Jan. 1 to succeed in $607 million at the time of publishing
Users can deposit collateral to receive “bDIGG”, which may then be staked to earn both the BADGER governance token and therefore the DIGG token
The rebasing is limited only to the DIGG vault, a new multiplier method “rewards those deposited in vaults vs farm & dumpers”

Other features and enhancements include lower gas costs and automatic stability strategies
14.5% of the DIGG supply are going to be airdropped to Badgers that have used the app since launch

Elikem Codda

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