According to a reliable source, Apple will release a number of Apple Silicon M2.


In a recent report, Apple insider Mark Gurman revealed that the company intends to release five new Mac models next year

It is possible that new iMac and Mac Mini models, a MacBook Air makeover, and two separate MacBook Pro models will be released.

With the exception of the higher-end MacBook Pro, it is expected that the majority of these components will be powered by variations of the Apple Silicon M2 chip.

Mark Gurman, a well-known industry insider, recently revealed additional details about Apple’s 2022 Mac strategy. As reported by Gurman, Apple will introduce as many as five new Mac models in the coming year.

This includes an updated iMac and Mac Mini for the desktop, as well as an updated MacBook Air and two separate MacBook Pro models for the notebook side of things.

It is noteworthy that Gurman asserts that Apple’s whole 2022 Mac series will be powered by variations of the Apple Silicon M2 and M1X chips, which are now in development.

Apple replaced Intel processors with the Apple Silicon M1 chipset across its entire Mac lineup last year. However, it continued to sell Intel-powered variants, such as the 2020 iMac, until the end of 2018. The introduction of the new M2 devices could signal the end of the era of Intel-based hardware.

Apple is also planning to release two separate MacBook Pro models, according to Gurman’s statement.

With the M1X CPU, the higher-end model is expected to be far more powerful than the entry-level device, which will most likely be a variant of the M2.

While the Apple Silicon M2 will not be able to compete with the M1X in terms of raw GPU and CPU capabilities, it will most certainly be a significant advance over the M1 processor featured in the MacBooks of the year 2021.

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